Monday, February 4, 2013

A Designer's Perspective on Education

Here's another TED talk on Education (from July, 2010). What I like about it is it's a completely different point of view than I bring myself. The speaker is Emily Pilloton, a designer, who has gotten involved in reviving the education program in rural Bertie County, North Carolina. It reminded me of the relatively recent demise of "shop" courses, and manages to whip up a case for Design as a vehicle for motivating and providing education. It's a short talk (<17 minutes) with less comedy than the Robinson talks, but I found the talk to be quite energizing.

Teaching Design for Change

Reminded me of the old Teddy Roosevelt quote "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are".

I wish her the best of luck, and hope to hear some results in coming years. The program is quite new.

The elements in her plan:

  1. Design for Education
  2. Redesigning Education
  3. Design as Education

I think it important to be reminded that not all elements of education need be verbally oriented though I'm a reading/writing sort of person. When I think "design" my reflex is to think about software design. Happily, not everyone in the world is just like me.