Thursday, January 31, 2013

TED Talks on Education

TED Talks are short talks "Spreading ideas that matter". They cover a broad range of topics, but in general, they have excellent speakers who really have something to say. Along the lines of my new-found interest in Education, I offer up a couple of related TED talks that I recently stumbled into.

I suggest that you take 20 minutes to watch this TED talk by Brit Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?. I liked it enough to add it to my Words of Wisdom Pearltree.

If you enjoy it too, there's a sequel from a few years later that is also worth viewing: Bring on the Learning Revolution!

At least one school teacher who I shared these videos with complained that the script leaned too much on humor and didn't have enough hard facts. He asked why any school teacher would be motivated to kill creativity in their students? Good question, but I'm quite sure I've encountered such in my own limited experience as a student. The video's speaker was convincing enough for me, but maybe that just shows my own biases.

Here's a short 3rd talk from the same speaker, but in a different, more visual format: Changing Education Paradigms.

Anyone got a convincing argument that it isn't so?