Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Chem teacher cautions against "Pseudoteaching"

Several times now I've come across mentions of "Pseudoteaching" in my reading, and I confess to not quite grokking what that meant. Today, the Google+ STEM community shared this short video and I think I'm beginning to understand.

"Blow something Up!"

I remember Mr. Greenberg, my high school chemistry teacher, but on the one hand I have trouble cataloging him as an "entertainer', but on the other hand I was always troubled by the seeming "magic" in chemistry class. See, when we stir these 2 clear liquids together, it turns pink. My brain would gripe "Why?". And that's probably why I went into software, not chemistry.

I think this video pairs nicely with the one linked to my blog post of 02/2013 "STEM Education Ideas".