Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vitamin D?

Vitamin D?

Looking for something to read?   I suggest that you Google for:

vitamin d flu

Among the many web pages that search will find for you is this one:

A few years ago when I read a paper that looked an awful lot like that one, there were a lot fewer pages on the web about vitamin D and the flu.  I dug around at the time in search of support for that guy's data point and found instead reports of vitamin D having little effect on health except in the case of extreme deficiency.   Reminded me of the flurry of reports of people swearing that vitamin C and Zinc could protect you against the common cold a few years ago.   Now there are so many pages about vitamin D to prevent swine flu that its hard to find anything that weighs in against it.   Dr. John J. Cannell of the "Vitamin D Council" seems to be to vitamin D as Linus Pauling was to vitamin C.  You can even watch Dr. Cannell on YouTube.   Here is another YouTube video preaching Dr. Cannell's message for him.
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Is the science in favor of your keeping your vitamin D level high?   I don't know.   But the anecdotes of warding off flu in the prison certainly appeal to my sense - they sound right.   Bummer that he couldn't show statistical significance in the observation.   Nevertheless, vitamin D tablets are inexpensive and have a long shelf life, so I've been making a point of taking a 1000 IU tablet each day for quite a while now.

Now if only there weren't those reports in early 2009 about not finding any good coming from taking a daily multi-vitamin.

I really want to believe.

Speaking of believing, there sure are a lot of web pages with conspiracy theories about FEMA and the Federal government in general.   The swine flu, I found web pages suggesting, is a man-made weapon.   And all I was looking for was that article about warding off flu in prison by handing out regular doses of vitamin D.

Your tax dollars at work:

But that's getting off the topic of vitamin D.