Monday, July 13, 2009

What's on your dashboard?

This picture is from an article NJ Wants to Ban GPS in cars? The article itself is nothing special. I think it is simply about another effort to impose on drivers a requirement that they not be too distracted from driving while driving. What I liked about the article was the picture. Kind of reminded me of my friend's van which, on the one hand has more cup holders than passengers, but on the other hand, on those occasions when I have a cup I'd like to set down, something always seems to be atop every cup holder. The only legit permanent non-cup occupant of the cupholders is a cup-shaped multiplier of the dashboard "cigarette lighter" power outlet. A retractable wire from this cup shaped object plugs into the dashboard and the top of the cup presents 3 or so additional "cigarette lighter" outlets so, for example, you can charge a couple of cell phones and a bluetooth ear-piece. Way in the back of the van there's a 110VAC outlet so you can charge your notebook PC even if you just have the conventional AC adapter for your PC. But we do have a strict rule that the driver must bring the vehicle to a full and complete stop before editing a blog entry.