Thursday, May 14, 2015

GMO Labeling - Even a Kid Can Understand Why.

Last July in Danger Lurking in the Plastic Packaging of our Food? I wandered away from that article's title topic and took a light poke at the government for not insisting that GMO ingredients in food should be labeled as such.

GMO ingredients still aren't labeled, and here's a TED talk from a 15 year old that makes clear why they ought to be. 15 year old explains why GMO's ought to be labeled, It's only a 13 minute talk. Made sense to me. Is your congress-person as smart as a 15-year old? Honest enough to do what's right?

Not sure who represents you in the federal House of Representatives and Senate? Well, if you know your zip code, visit Find Your Senators and Representatives to find out who represents you. Now that you're armed with that information, you can visit Contacting the congress to actually contact them and make your opinion known. Isn't even going to cost you a stamp as they tend to have web forms or e-mail to receive your communications.

My apologies to my non-U.S. readers, but please work out how to let your government know of the need for GMO labeling.

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